Windows 10 21H1: Prepare your PC for the May 2021 Update


When the first edition of Windows 10 arrived, Microsoft offered all Windows 7 and 8 users a free upgrade to their new system. Many have agreed to launch the procedure, with sometimes more or less success since it is not a simple update as we regularly receive in Windows Update. Bi-annual major updates use the same process.

This one must recover the files and put them in safety but also save certain preferences and configuration files to adapt them. A delicate operation therefore. For the arrival of this May 2021 update which bears the number 21H1, the twelfth after Windows 10 1511 (original version), Microsoft will introduce some new features.

This first update of the year is rather modest this time, but it is worth taking a few precautions before embarking on the Windows 10 21H1 adventure. Here are some tips to optimize your chances of success, minimize the risk of bugs and even speed up the process.

1. Household in the files

As in everyday life away from the keyboard, we tend to accumulate things “just in case”. Go through your files and delete what doesn’t need to be kept. The disk space thus saved will save time during the update, these are all files that the process will not have to restore.

Deleting a Folder

2. A little sorting in the programs

Another way to save space and at the same time optimize the operation of the system: get rid of unnecessary programs. Nothing could be simpler to do using the old method through the control panel or through the new Windows 10 settings application under “System” then “applications and features”.

Application management

3. Updating software and drivers

This preparation session is a good opportunity to carry out an operation that should be carried out at all times: updating your programs. This check makes it possible to avoid possible conflicts by ensuring that the latest version of the editor is installed, it is very important for security, flaws are indeed often sealed from one version to another. Popular programs such as Adobe reader, Skype or antivirus should be checked first. Some updates can appear in Windows Update, others are to be done manually by opening the software or using a dedicated tool.

Checking for updates

4. Delete temporary files

More cleaning but this time it takes place at the heart of the system since it involves asking Windows 10 to clean up temporary files, empty the recycle bin or obsolete drivers. Fortunately, the operation is easily done thanks to a dedicated tool already integrated into Windows accessible through the search or in the properties of the system disk.

System file cleanup

5. Make a backup

Probably the most important point among these few tips. Again this is an action that should be carried out regularly and it is the right time to get started. To avoid losing all of your photos, documents or music, it is strongly recommended to save them regularly to an external hard drive. It will be left unplugged during the update process. It is also possible to use an online storage service when the quantity of files and the quality of the connection allow it.

Hard disk backup

6. A little patience or manual installation

You are now all set for the update. If the update will be officially available during this month of May 2021, it will not be systematically distributed to users but only to those who are looking for the presence of updates in Windows Update. Some users will wait longer because Microsoft can block certain configurations if negative bug returns show incompatibilities with certain machines.

Microsoft also offers a way to update through an “Upgrade Assistant” tool. It allows you to manually launch the update. Be careful, however, not to be in too much of a hurry. The first to install a major update are also those who take the plaster, bugs are not uncommon. In any case, remember to check that you have prepared your PC and saved your data in a safe place.

For any questions or in case of doubt do not hesitate to seek advice in the Windows 10 forum.


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