These three mobile plans at less than 5 euros multiply the advantages


These three mobile plans at less than 5 euros multiply the advantages

Our three MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) are used to applying pretty discounts over 6 months or a year and again this week their offers are worth a look. Auchan Télécom and Cdiscount Mobile offer promotions valid for 6 months with 20 GB for 1.99 euros then 9.99 euros at the first and 80 GB for 3.99 euros then 16.99 euros at the second. For its part, NRJ relies on an offer at 4.99 euros per month for one year then 9.99 euros which also includes 20 GB. The Cdiscount Mobile promo will no longer be available on May 3, that of Auchan Telecom on May 5 and that of NRJ Mobile on May 9. In all three cases, we benefit from the Bouygues Telecom network.

Auchan Télécom 20 GB at € 1.99 for 6 months

Auchan’s offer includes 20 GB of 4G data for mainland France and 2 GB for Europe and the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France as well as from the EU and overseas departments.

What we like:

  • Its great price / benefit ratio over 6 months

What we don’t like:

  • An offer that loses its appeal after this promotion

NRJ Mobile 20 GB at € 4.99 for one year

The offer of this second MVNO combines points in common with those of Auchan Telecom: 20 Go for metropolitan France, 2 Go for Europe and the overseas departments, and unlimited calls / SMS / MMS in metropolitan France as well as from the ‘Europe / DOM. The financial strategy is however different with a spread of the payment over 6 months at Auchan Télécom and over 12 months at NRJ Mobile. Over one year, the package for the first costs you 71.88 euros against 59.88 euros for the second. Over two years, we arrive at 191.76 euros with Auchan Telecom and 179.76 euros with NRJ.

What we like:

  • Its attractive price over one year

What we don’t like:

  • An offer to forget after this period

Cdiscount Mobile 80 GB at € 3.99 for 6 months

We end with the Cdiscount Mobile package which is undoubtedly the most generous of the trio. Count 80 GB for metropolitan France, 10 GB for the EU and the DOM, and unlimited voice / text communication from these same areas.

What we like:

  • Its 80 GB for the metropolis
  • Its 8 GB for Europe and the DOM

What we don’t like:

  • A much higher price after 6 months (but correct compared to the offers of the competition)

The Cdiscount Mobile plan is the best at less than 5 euros

For mobile users who do not want to spend more than 5 euros per month, Cdiscount Mobile’s offer is currently the most engaging with its 80 GB for the metropolis, its 8 GB roaming and its correct rate after 6 months.

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will need to obtain your RIO (Operator Identity Statement) by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO has been recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

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