The Boys season 3 (Amazon Prime Video): release date, plot, cast … everything you need to know


The Boys season 3 (Amazon Prime Video): release date, plot, cast ... everything you need to know

We updated this article on 04/29 with the latest information from Season 3 of The Boys. In an interview with Collider, Laz Alonso (La Crème) has hinted that the upcoming episodes will be even bloodier than those in previous seasons.

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“The head makeup artist told me that for season 2, we had only used 5 liters of fake blood. For season 3, we are already at about fifteen liters … So that already gives an idea of ​​this that it’s going to happen, ”he said.

Otherwise, according to Deadline, actress Katia Winter has been selected to play Little Nina, a Russian criminal who has an astonishing peculiarity: she has a real passion for sex toys.

She is expected to play a recurring role in future episodes and her character will be linked to Vought International.

After two seasons very well made, we no longer present The Boys, one of the flagship original creations ofAmazon Prime Video.

Well helped by its stripping style, against the tide of most contemporary superheroic productions, the series is a real critical and commercial success.

The fans are asking for more and the show, adapted from comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, seems to be gone to last. Before the broadcast of the third season, here is the main information to remember about the rest of the series of showrunner Eric Kripke.

  • Please note, this article contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen Season 1 yet, we don’t recommend reading it.

Season 2 in brief

You will probably not have missed it, The Boys is not the kind of series you get bored in front of. Season 1 was convincing proof of this and its sequel is no exception to the rule.

The Boys, precisely, begin the season at bay. Forced to learn to live in hiding, they are on the run and cannot even count on Billy Butcher, nowhere to be found.

For their former leader, life is not tender and he is not at the end of his troubles. Let’s just say that he will probably never be able to enjoy a tidy family life. In any case, not with his wife.

Little consolation: the information gleaned about Compound V, a mysterious serum that can give superhuman powers to anyone who ingests it. Enough to bring the Boys’ struggle into another dimension.

All is not rosy for the superheroes of Vought International either. Difficult to speak of cohesion between the “Seven”. Starlight is just a shadow of itself, the Protector tries to assert himself, but struggles to stay in control and the arrival of the new Stormfront reshuffles the cards in an unexpected way.

Add to it all other never-before-seen threats and you’ve got an explosive cocktail that was definitely worth a look.

What release date for season 3?

It seems that filming began at the end of January 2021. Jack Quaid (Hughie) had indicated to go to Toronto to begin filming the third season.

Therefore, we should probably not expect a broadcast before early 2022. Filming takes time, editing and all post-production as well.

What to expect next?

Since the broadcast of the last chapter of the previous season, Eric Kripke has made several promising statements in the US media. “We can expect more revelations about the heroes’ past and more and more explosive scenes that will make the public happy!“, he promised for example.

After the tragic end of his wife, Butcher and his acolytes agree to take his son Ryan under their wing. This child, born of Becca’s forced union with Homelander, has destructive powers that he has absolutely no control over. Her mother and Stormfront paid the price.

Needless to say, Butcher risks going through some dark hours in the sequel to the series. His beloved is dead and he must, as a bonus, take care of the son she had (against her will) with the most dangerous of heroes.

Between the vengeful, but rational struggle, and uncontrolled rage, there is only one step. We will see if the vigilante crosses it in season 3. He could very well embark his companions in an infernal spiral from which no one would come out unscathed.

An important character from the previous season, Stormfront probably did not have the end she hoped for. Severely injured, locked up, she failed to carry out her mission: to use social networks to increase extremism in public opinion and start a civil war.

The showrunner has confirmed that she is alive, but it is uncertain whether she will play a significant role in future episodes. The Boys has perhaps already turned the page of this Nazi superheroine, perhaps even more disturbed than the others.

Its interpreter, Aya Cash, moreover recently brought up the subject in an interview with EW. “I would like to know if she will be back. At the moment, I am not part of the production. My contract for The Boys was only a year but, who knows? Maybe they can integrate my face into computer graphics.“she said.

In short, it is therefore really not certain (even unlikely) to see Stormfront play a role in season 3.

Among the Seven, Homelander is not at his best either, the most powerful anti-hero is in crisis. He couldn’t get his son back, Stella and Maeve even tried to betray him.

More paranoid and battered than ever, he too could completely “unpin” season 3. In short, most of the characters are likely to be on a wire and the rest of the series promises to be spectacular and rich in twists and turns.

Finally, also note that there will be new characters. Soldier Boy, a parody of Captain America, joins the cast. Its goal ? Integrate the Seven at all costs. With his gang, the Payback, he should play an important role in the future of The Boys.

What cast for season 3?

  • Karl Urban est Billy Butcher
  • Erin Moriarty est Annie January / Stella
  • Antony Starr est Homelander
  • Dominique McElligott est Maeve
  • Jessie Usher is A-Train
  • Chace Crawford the Fishman
  • Nathan Mitchell is Black Noir
  • Laz Alonso is The Cream
  • Jack Quaid est Hughie Campbell
  • Aya Cash is Stormfront
  • Karen Fukuhara est Kimiko
  • Giancarlo Esposito est Stan Edgar
  • Chace Crawford est The Deep
  • Jenson Ackles is Soldier Boy
  • Katia Winter est Little Nina

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