The Best Testosterone Booster: The Best Ways to Increase Levels

Testosterone supplements are using to treat conditions affecting the libido, such as low sperm concentration or other forms of infertility. They are also prescribing for infertile people due to genetic disorders or injuries that cause deficiencies in sperms or abnormal functions of the reproductive tract. Found in most countries currently, this supplement is somewhat controversial as its use includes giving an advantage to athletes, but that may be because there are far more side effects.

What is testosterone?

The total amount of testosterone is 80-100 milligrams (mg) per deciliter of blood. The balance between testosterone and estrogen is the hormone that plays a role in shaping male physical and behavioral traits. Testosterone acts to maintain an adequate level of this hormone in the body. It is required for the development of body structure and is essential for producing new sperm. Sperm in the testicles have testosterone on their own when they are not receiving testosterone from the testicles, but this is not very efficient. To make a sufficient number of sperm, the ovaries must release enough of the hormone during the follicular stage of the menstrual cycle, which can take a couple of days.

Types of testosterone supplements

The two most popular and common types of testosterone boosters are synthetic and natural. Synthetic testosterone is only a synthetic version of the hormone naturally present in our body. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, synthetic testosterone and its effects are slightly different from natural testosterone. Whereas it is considered a much more potent form of the hormone, its side effects are somewhat other and a possible source of concern for users. Natural testosterone is obtaining through diet and supplements. It is considering an almost pure form of the hormone as it is not manufactured and safe. Research into this subject has found that natural testosterone supplements work just as well as synthetic versions.

Testosterone boosting foods

Although most supplements for testosterone are now just made from synthetic molecules which cannot contain the body’s testosterone molecule, there are other ways to increase the testosterone production in the body that have been proven to work. These include foods. Advertisement Eggs The cholesterol in eggs is known to increase levels of hormones such as cholesterol and cortisol, which are both commonly used to increase testosterone production. Foods rich in Proteins These are often considered to be a good source of testosterone. Some foods are rich in these types of proteins, such as chicken and beef.

Testosterone boosting workouts

Although many exercises will increase testosterone levels in males, those who exercise have a higher chance of seeing an immediate improvement in their performance levels and sense of well-being. Strength training will stimulate your body’s hormone production, as the body is made up of testosterone receptors. If you’re a bodybuilder, then a good physique is a result of training. If you have a few exercises to do or some body-weight routines that you can perform at home or even in your gym, your testosterone will stay at a healthy level. Daily walks/running or gym sessions/strength training When doing strength training, get a balance of cardio and strength.

Benefits and side effects of using testosterone supplements

Testosterone can help boost testosterone levels and improve a man’s libido and muscle strength. Some, however, can be said to have significant benefits. Testosterone is an important hormone that plays a vital role in a man’s body and mental and physical health.


The above list of the top 5 testosterone booster supplements is by no means comprehensive but is meant to serve as a starting point for your research and choice. You should consult with your health care practitioner for advice, particularly a urologist or other medical practitioner specializing in the reproductive system.


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