Shadow and Bone (Netflix): release date, plot, cast … everything we know


Shadow and Bone (Netflix): release date, plot, cast ... everything we know

This article was updated 5/3/21 with the latest information on Shadow and Bone. In remarks taken up by Collider, Eric Heisserer declares to have proposed three seasons to Netflix.

It would not be very surprising if the SVoD platform validates this plan. The program appears to be a great success at the moment. In addition, the literary saga is a trilogy, so there is still a lot to tell.

Interested in Shadow and Bone? You can read our review before you start. Spoiler: We really liked the show.

Shadow and Bone, does that remind you of something ? If you are not fond of literature young adult, Nothing less sure. The first volume of the saga Grisha of the American Leigh Bardugo was all the rage in the world, like those of the cycle Six of Crows.

The universe of the novelist is as rich as its abundant mythology and it did not take more to catch the eye of Netflix. Always looking for his series fantasy benchmark, the SVoD platform hopes that the adaptation of Shadow and Bone will be the lucky one.

Before we can make our own opinion on the program, here is a recap of everything we already know about Shadow and Bone.

Shadow and Bone in a nutshell

You will understand it by reading the introduction of this article, Shadow and Bone : La saga Grisha is the serial adaptation of the trilogy Grisha (Orphans of the Kingdom, The Ice Dragon, The Firebird) by Leigh Bardugo. The novels in question have sold over 2 million copies worldwide and are among the most recent successes in literature. young adult.

What is it about ? From a dive into the kingdom of Ravka, a place reminiscent of Tsarist Russia at the start of the 19th century. In any case, this is where the author has drawn her inspiration. The bias is interesting: the plot of Shadow and Bone therefore takes place in a fairly original setting for a story by fantasy.

In this region, the future looks bleak. Enemies and monsters abound, as an evil fog splits the kingdom in two.

As the darkness and its demons threaten everyone’s future, a young woman discovers abilities that could change everything. Alina Starkov has a rare power: she can create light and manipulate it however she wants.

It is a formidable weapon which, inevitably, attracts much envy in this world where the darkness gains in importance every day. Forced to join the troops of Grisha, powerful mages supposed to defend Ravka, she will have to work to learn to control her gift.

Difficult to be the best hope of his family, especially as the enemies are powerful and more numerous than we think.

What is the Shadow and Bone release date?

Fans of Alina’s adventures can rejoice, Shadow and Bone is online since Friday 23 April 2021. There is eight episodes in the first season of the series, a very classic format.

Yes the show works as the SVoD service hopes, it is possible that it will be renewed for one or more seasons. The “Grishaverse“In any case, it would make it possible to push the adaptation further.

For now, nothing is undoubtedly done yet, let’s wait to see if the first chapters manage to find their audience.

A “youth” series?

Leigh Barbugo’s books are intended primarily for a young audience of adolescents and young adults. Logically, this should also be the case for the series. Not as “mature” as Game of Thrones for example, Shadow and Bone does not target quite the same target.

The new series might be that epic as well, who knows, but it should also be less harsh than GoT or the other flagships of the genre. However, that will not prevent it from containing its share of action and adventure.

Romance should also have a place of choice in this initiatory story and this is not surprising. It is a theme dealt with abundantly in the works young adult.

Here is the latest trailer

Watch the latest video preview of the series below. Without going too far, we can say that it looks promising.

Who is at the helm of the series?

Eric Heisserer, known in particular for his work on Premier Contact or Birdbox, was chosen to take charge of the project. Author Leigh Barbugo is part of the production team of show, alongside Shawn Levy, Pouya Shabazian, Dan Levine and others.

Who is in the cast of Shadow and Bone?

  • Jessie Mei Li is Alina Starkov.
  • Ben Barnes is General Kirigan.
  • Freddy Carter is Kae Brekker.
  • Archie Renaux is Malyen Oretsev.
  • Amita Suman is Inej Ghafa.
  • Simon Sears est Ivan.
  • Daisy Head is Genya Safin.
  • Kit Young est Jasper Fahey.
  • Danielle Galligan is Nina Zenik.

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