Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021


Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021 - my plan

Soon it will be May 1st
– and this year I have decided to take part in MeMadeMay for the very first time!

MeMadeMay – what does that mean?

Made-by-me in May – doesn’t sound that nice 😀

The challenge from Zoe from So Zo… What Do You Know? has been around since 2010 and is for everyone who makes their own clothes: it doesn’t matter whether it’s sewing, knitting, crocheting or upcycling! Over the whole of May, the goal is to deal with the self-made parts and in the end, at best, to go out with a better relationship with your own handmade wardrobe. In addition, all participants can think up for themselves what they want to achieve and show at MeMadeMay.
For example, many wear something they have sewn themselves every day and post a photo of it on Instagram or on their blog.

I think the idea is so beautiful and have already admired it several times with others … but always thought that I don’t have enough self-sewn things (although that’s actually not the focus) or they are not good enough (for whom ?!) . But this year I’ll be there!

Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021 - my plan

My plan:

So I thought about how to interpret the challenge for myself:

Every day in May I want to wear something that I have sewn myself – in a combination that I have not yet shown.

I will do the outfits on Instagram Post. If you want, there is also a summary here on the blog – weekly or at the end of the month as a complete overview?

Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021 - my plan

Of course I will write which ones Patterns and fabrics I’ve used and whether I’ve made any changes.

But I would also like to ask myself a few questions: What did I learn from it? Do I wear this part regularly? If not, why not? Can I do anything about it?
For example, I already know that one or the other seam has already come loose and could be touched up … and I also have to straighten a few hems again. Maybe I can also find a few ideas for changing clothes that I prefer to wear again.

A couple of new sewing projects are already ready to be cut here … I don’t want to put pressure on myself, but if something new is ready, that would be a nice setting to show you. 🙂

Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021 - my plan

Which hashtags will I use?

#memademay and
#memademay2021 offer themselves of course.

Besides, I will #memademayplus and hopefully find a few other sewing enthusiasts who also sew in large sizes.
I will also translate my picture descriptions into English. But if anyone still knows about a hashtag that German-speaking participants can use to find each other better, please let us know!

Is there any of you with us?


Sewing for me: MeMadeMay 2021 - my plan


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