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ONLYOFFICE Workspace: an all-in-one editing and co-editing solution


ONLYOFFICE Workspace: an all-in-one editing and co-editing solution

ONLYOFFICE presents itself as the most serious alternative to the office suites of GAFAM Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. His solution cloud ONLYOFFICE Workspace is aimed at companies that do not necessarily have the resources and IT infrastructure necessary to host and manage the tools of an in-house office suite. A highly secure solution including two-factor authentication, single sign-on (Shibboleth, OneLogin or AD FS), protection against unwanted access, connection history or even logging of user actions.

ONLYOFFICE Docs: a powerful office suite

ONLYOFFICE Workspace integrates a series of web applications for working and collaborating online. To start with ONLYOFFICE docs which consists of powerful online document editors, including a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool. Compatible with MS Office formats, they allow you to store, edit and co-edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Co-editing tools offer the possibility of managing read / write rights (full access, read only, etc.), to follow modifications and revisions in real time, or to compare and comment on documents. Not to mention an integrated instant messaging system to communicate with employees without having to change applications.

ONLYOFFICE Groups: powerful productivity tools

The office suite also includes ONLYOFFICE Groups productivity tools to organize workflow in the office and remotely. A few clicks are all it takes to share documents and files, manage projects, organize meetings, edit invoices, manage contacts and tasks, customer relations, etc. To maintain a social link between employees during periods of teleworking, ONLYOFFICE Groups also has various community tools such as blogs, forums, or even a survey system allowing employees to be questioned to find out their opinions on such and such. such subjects. A modern, powerful and secure all-in-one collaboration solution capable of perfectly meeting today’s business needs.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace offers in the cloud

To better meet the needs of businesses while remaining flexible in terms of prices, ONLYOFFICE Workspace comes in three cloud offers: – Unlimited VIP plan, the price of which starts at 6.80 euros per user / month. – Business plan, the price of which starts at 4.20 euros per user / month. – Startup package which is free for small teams. For companies with the IT infrastructure and the team responsible for its maintenance, it is possible to deploy ONLYOFFICE in self-hosting on their own servers.


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