Netflix: which two movies are we recommending tonight?


Netflix: which two movies are we recommending tonight?

Because there are many films that are worth it on Netflix, the editorial staff will guide you every week to sure values ​​from the catalog of the streaming by subscription (SVoD).

This Thursday, let’s talk about Baby Driver and Memories of Marnie, two feature films that should not disappoint you.

What movies are recommended on Netflix Thursday?

A good action movie: Baby Driver

The summary of Baby Driver

Baby is a driving ace who attenuates his tinnitus (result of a car accident) with music. He puts his talents at the service of a gang of robbers, led by the godfather Doc, but works to leave this world as quickly as possible, which he does after meeting and seducing a young waitress. But before that, he is forced to put on one last blow …

What to think of the film?

It is a project that was close to the heart of Edgar Wright, the director, and author of the trilogy. A croissant (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The Last Bar before the end of the world). And if Edgar Wright doesn’t have tinnitus, we could swear that Baby, the main character, is his alter ego.

Hyperactive, charismatic, creative, he energizes the film, which takes place at 100 miles an hour. The high quality of Baby Driver, it is precisely his rhythm.

With a very exciting soundtrack, it even plays the synesthesia card, mixing music and colors, which makes it very pleasing to the eye and plunges us directly into the story.

This is what sets it apart from other classic thrillers and detective films: all the characters seem adrenaline-fueled, the strongest surely being Bats, played by a Jamie Foxx on amphetamine (metaphorically).

With, in hollow, a reflection on the endangering of a youth in a world of dangers, where there is no place for the feelings. A very nice film that we strongly recommend.

  • Watch a preview of this great movie:

A quality cartoon: Memories of Marnie

The summary of Memories of Marnie

Anna, a shy young girl with fragile health, is sent for the summer to her distant family, in the countryside, in order to regenerate herself. There, she discovers “The House of the Marshes”, with only one occupant, a mysterious girl called Marnie …

What to think of the film?

It is always very difficult for anyone who works for Ghibli to let go of the immense aura of Hayao Miyazaki. The director of Spirited Away moreover, probably, condemned the studio to live forever in its shadow. ù

None of the films released apart from his own have been a great success, both critically and commercially, and each time Miyazaki wanted to retire, he reversed his decision, either by force of circumstance (death of Yoshifumi Kondo ), or out of sentimentalism and dissatisfaction (he had reconsidered his decision after leaving The wind picks up, in 2014).

Memories of Marnie, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (whom he dubbed) did not have to reassure the master: commercial failure, the film dragged Ghibli into a film production hiatus that still lasts (if we except the hybrid The Red Turtle, where the studio mainly plays an advisory role).

However, it is a very beautiful film, with its own identity. Memories of Marnie, by its title, already announced something very “Hitchcockian” in its content.

And indeed, if the first half of the film is reminiscent of productions by Hayao Miyazaki (the figure of the grandmother, music, nature …), the second half operates a revisit of Vertigo, d’Alfred Hitchcock.

The final scene in a misty and rainy setting, the mystery around the beautiful blonde, this associated with the name of the young girl (Marnie, another Hitchcock film) are reminiscent of one of the masterpieces of the master of suspense.

Film which adopts Western codes, but without ever denying its identity and its Japanese mythology, it carries a sort of magical realism which will speak to all generations. It will not at all confuse early fans of the iconic studio and will seduce those who discover it.

  • Here is the trailer for Memories of Marnie:


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