Netflix: 3 great gripping movies perfect for this weekend


Netflix: 3 great gripping movies perfect for this weekend

For many months, Netflix and other services streaming subscription (SVoD) are on the rise. Curfew requires, the opportunities to watch a film or a series are more numerous than usual.

Like every day, or almost, CNET directs you to the best of the platform’s catalog. This weekend, our selection is made up of Mudbound, Dick Johnson is Dead and Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.

What cool movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

A Brutal Drama: Mudbound

The synopsis of the film

After World War II, the McAllan family arrived in Memphis and moved into a farm. If Father Henri has big dreams, his business is in trouble and his wife struggles to keep faith in him.

The Jackson family also takes care of the farm, they have been farmers for generations. But the social and racial barriers of the Mississippi of the 1940s put a strain on them.

CNET editorial review

For her second film, director Dee Rees signs a dark and violent epic. Her film follows two very different families in deep 1940s America, one white, the other African-American.

But, these Americans are linked by the characters of Jamie and Ronsel, two World War II veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

When he returns to his country, Ronsel has great difficulty in accepting the prevailing racism, in particular because it was less prevalent in Europe. Jamie, him, rehashes his traumas of the forehead and becomes an alcoholic.

Mudbound is not a very happy film, even if love occupies an important place in it. Dee Rees dwells on a lot of small details that make the film very tender. Despite everything, it is still violence that predominates in Mudbound, that of war and above all, that of racial segregation.

What we will remember from this feature film is its class and visual sense. Rachel Morrison is also the first woman to be nominated for best photography at the Oscars, which is well deserved. Mudbound is a very good drama, full of qualities and very well directed. We highly recommend its viewing.

  • Here is an excerpt from this drama:

A moving documentary: Dick Johnson is Dead

The synopsis of the film

As her 80-year-old father begins to lose his memory, documentary filmmaker Kirsten Johnson decides to stage his death in various ways. One way like any other to help him face the imminent disappearance of his father.

CNET editorial review

With Dick Johnson is Dead, documentary filmmaker Kirsten Johnson makes a documentary that is as intimate as it is wacky. One moment perfectly illustrates the odd side of this production: In one scene, his father, Dick Johnson, falls down the stairs of his house and his head hits the ground brutally. A pool of blood then appears.

Imagine the death of his own father? Yes, the principle of departure may seem bizarre. As incredible as it may seem, the latter has decided to play along. But Dick Johnson’s authorization is motivated by a very particular desire: the desire to spend time with his daughter whom he loves deeply.

Death is perhaps one of the main subjects of Dick Johnson is Dead but, deep down, this documentary is about love. The love of a girl for her mother, who died several years ago from Alzheimer’s. The love of a girl towards her father who suffers from the same disease.

Over time, we realize that Dick’s health is deteriorating. He closes his office, moves in with his daughter, as if to forget more and more things. But his good humor never leaves him, he accepts the proximity of his daughter’s camera with enthusiasm.

By mixing wacky fantasy scenes where Dick is in paradise and innocuous moments from everyday life, Dick Johnson is Dead is a touching testimony of a strong filial love.

  • Watch the trailer for this documentary:

A classic by Jacques Demy: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

The synopsis of the film

Twenty-five-year-old twins, Delphine and Solange live in Rochefort. One gives music theory lessons, the other teaches dance. Music is an integral part of their life and the two sisters dream of meeting great love. A fair is being prepared and there is romance in the air …

CNET editorial review

This Jacques Demy musical is the perfect film to accompany the start of the sunny days. Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac, sisters in real life, are both very convincing. This friendly duo is full of charm.

Precisely, this freshness is what makes the success of Young ladies of Rochefort. This city of Charente-Maritime is filled with friendly and colorful characters. There are fairground people preparing for a fair, a young sailor in search of his feminine ideal or a mother who reconnects with a love of the past … And even Gene Kelly is in the game.

The Young Ladies of Rochefort is a combination of shimmering colors, dance numbers in sunny streets and songs brilliantly composed by the excellent Michel Legrand.

The soundtrack can always be listened to with pleasure, even in the less pleasant scenes of the feature film. Because yes, even the murders take a playful turn in this musical where good humor is king.

The Young Ladies of Rochefort is a breath of fresh air, a funny and poetic film that has not aged a bit. Jacques Demy demonstrates perfect artistic and technical mastery. In short, it is a real gem to see without hesitation.

  • Check out a preview of this musical:


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