Netflix: 3 good and very different series to watch tonight


Netflix: 3 good and very different series to watch tonight

You think you’ve seen all the good ones series from the catalog of Netflix ? This is undoubtedly far from being the case. To help you find something to eat, CNET France recommends quality programs every week.

Poldark, Gotham and Designated Survivor are the contents selected this Wednesday on the platform of streaming by subscription (SVoD). If you haven’t already, you should take a look.

What series to watch on Netflix Wednesday night?

A successful adaptation: Poldark

In summary

Cornwall, a humid region of England, at the end of the 18th century. Just back from the American Revolutionary War, Ross Poldark falls from above. His father has passed away, his family’s mine is now closed and his beloved (who believed him dead) is going to marry his cousin.

But the young man does not lack resources … Courageous, popular and upright, he will do everything to regain his status and regain what he has lost. Love, good fortune, and wealth might well reach out to him again if he believes in his lucky star.

Our opinion on the series

A new adaptation of Winston Graham’s eponymous novels on British television, and another success story. Poldark does not really look like it and it remains moreover still too anonymous today. Yet the series has no shortage of arguments to please.

In a register comparable to that ofOutlander, it manages to stand out thanks to its intrigue, but especially to the charisma of its duo of main characters. Of course, to really appreciate it, you have to be a fan of historical reenactment and programs that take their time.

The plot isn’t the most thrilling and action-packed, far from it. Poldark is in no hurry and places great emphasis on the romantic life of his main character and the contrasts of his personality. It’s a rosewater series, even it would be dishonest to reduce it to its blue flower side.

The historical reconstruction is excellent. The costumes, the atmosphere, the production and the acting of the different actors are in tune and the result is really worth the detour.

The landscapes of Cornwall are also full of charm and give to Poldark cachet, like its sometimes guttural, sometimes too noble and mannered protagonists for their own good.

So it’s a very nice series. She knows how to diversify over the seasons so as not to tire, the evolution of the different characters is interesting and there is no real drop in speed. If you haven’t already done so, we strongly advise you to start viewing it.

  • Here is the trailer for the series:

A series set in the universe of Batman: Gotham

In summary

The series begins, as often in the universe of Batman, at the time of the murder of the parents of Bruce Wayne. But she is first interested in another problem: Gotham, the city plagued by crime and its gallery of characters as disturbed as each other.

In this chaos, tries to emerge James Gordon, one of the few lawful and not yet corrupt police officers in the metropolis.

Our opinion on the series

The series has undergone a huge outcry from the “Batman” community for its propensity to recast and rethink the iconic universe of Bob Kane. It was then perpetuated after him by Tom King, Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb (comics), Bruce Timm and Paul Dini (animated series) or Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan (cinema).

However, in our opinion, this reproach does not really need to be. Gotham is, in fact, an assumed revisit of the universe of the Dark Knight. Starting when Bruce Wayne is a teenager, she rejects, in fact, all that is related to Batman (also because, contractually, the hero is a preserve for the cinema), and places the young man in stake, before gradually develop into an actor.

Because the title is good Gotham : the series focuses on this city, where crime is born, where everything is gray, dirty, perverted, corrupt, where nothing good can grow and where Jim Gordon, the only cop with integrity, is a total incongruity. Gotham is a city you don’t come out of unscathed, because it eats you up and spits you out, once you’ve reformatted.

The warning is immediately given by police officer Harvey Bullock: “Everyone has a Cobblepot“, named after the future Penguin, whom Gordon must kill, like a ritual, to establish his reputation. This is why the first season works well.

With each episode a different evil is born. Then the series launches into a more stable pace with each new season, like a comics, starting its own story over twenty episodes.

Fact, Gotham is not a simple detective show: it is anchored in the universe of Batman, which makes it an introduction for the novices, and a revisit for the initiated ones. The whole with a real inventiveness and a force of proposal in its way of playing with the classics “Batmaniens”. A sure bet to be seen with pleasure.

  • Watch a preview of the first season:

A good political series: Designated Survivor

In summary

Tom Kirkman is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the United States of America. A member of the “government” of Uncle Sam’s country, then, but not the most important.

One cursed day, an attack kills the President and all his followers in the hierarchical order. Against all odds, Kirkman then finds himself propelled Acting President. Not at all prepared, he must therefore move with women and children to the White House, where other trials await him.

The whole world is now hanging on his lips and he will have to try to prove himself worthy of his new functions.

Our opinion on the series

Designated Survivor is a thriller quality policy, not at the level ofHouse of Cards Of course, but the series is still doing well. The initial idea is pretty good, it’s not the most original, but it still has the merit of standing out.

Here, the hero has no overflowing political ambition, on the contrary. He just aspired to continue his life as a “secondary” minister, not to become President of the United States overnight. A position that he would never have considered running for.

There was therefore potential, and many avenues to explore to make Designated Survivor a very good series. Overall, it’s pretty successful. Betrayals, low blows, meanness … the “political jungle” in which Kirkman struggles is quite skillfully depicted.

The twists follow one another and manage to keep you going, even if they are sometimes quite expected. The script is rather well written, but the narration does not escape a few facilities either. The whole thing often lacks credibility, but the episodes are linked nonetheless well.

In the role of Tom Kirkman, Kiefer Sutherland makes a good copy and embodies the different facets of this honest and upright man. Surrounded by sharks, it denotes and swims in murky water from start to finish.

However, the rest of the cast is struggling to get up to speed and some performances are less successful. Too bad, Designated Survivor it even becomes caricatured sometimes because it sounds hollow. However, the show remains in good order and that you would be wrong not to give it a chance.

  • Discover below a taste of the show :


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