Netflix: 3 engaging and well-conducted series to watch tonight


Netflix: 3 engaging and well-conducted series to watch tonight

Always looking for a good series to watch this evening on Netflix ? The SVoD service catalog is full of must-see programs, you just need to know where to look.

Wednesday, the editorial staff of CNET France recommends you My Hero Academia, Fargo and On My Block, three series of which you would be wrong to deprive yourself. Let’s see why.

What series to watch or see again tonight on Netflix?

A good anime: My Hero Academy


The world we know has changed a lot. Today, the majority of the population has superpowers called “alters”. Superheroes are part of the landscape, there are hundreds of them, scouring cities to fight crime.

Young Izuku Midoriya is an absolute fan of these good fighters. His dream ? Become one of them by integrating the “super-heroic” stream of the prestigious Huei high school.

Problem, where these comrades develop more or less powerful skills, he still has no power …

His meeting with his idol, All Might, the number 1 superhero, will change his life. By transmitting his power to him, he gives him an unexpected chance: the opportunity to become the most powerful defender of the widow and the orphan, following in the footsteps of his idol.

Why watch My Hero Academia?

Hard to find a better (recent) superhero anime than My Hero Academia. In just a few years, it has managed to establish itself as a benchmark of its kind, even if the competition is not unworthy. One Punch Man for example, is also excellent of its kind.

However, the adventures of Izuku Midoriya keeps one step ahead. The first strength of this shonen ? The ability to appeal to all audiences. It is far from being the most subversive of manga, quite the contrary. And yet, children and adults alike will take pleasure in watching it.

After a long start, the plot quickly grows in power and the development of the different characters, nice and naughty, is interesting. Even if it does not escape the classic clichés of Japanese heroes (fragility, extreme kindness, acute sense of honor, awkwardness with girls…), it is nonetheless very endearing. And he’s not alone since My Hero Academia also takes the time to take an interest in other members of his class at Huei High School.

His comrades, notably Bakugo, Todoroki and Uraraka, are also not lacking in interest. We discover them all gradually at the bend of the successive narrative arcs.

The fights are also increasing in strength and becoming more and more spectacular. The scenario does not always surprise, but it still holds the road. Some twists and turns are predictable, but luckily not all of them. Add to that antagonists that don’t lack charisma and an excellent soundtrack, you have an anime to be discovered without hesitation.

  • Here’s the trailer for the anime:

A reference series: Fargo


Fargo has three seasons, and each season tells a different story, without connection to each other. There is in the order, the meeting between an asocial man and a hired killer, the heavy secret carried by a couple of South Dakota, and the rivalry between two brothers which everything opposes.

Why watch Fargo?

Fargo is the serial version of the excellent film of the same name, directed by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. Moreover, we advise you to see it before the series, just to soak up the very dark and biting atmosphere that is also found in the two works.

If there is no link of any kind between the two productions (the Coen are only delegate producers), Fargo, the series, is very filmic in its presentation, as if we were entitled to a feature film of nearly ten hours each season. A style that is quite close to Twin Peaks, minus the mystical, fantastic and absurd side.

Its great strength is first and foremost its characters, very characterized, and interpreted by high-level actors. Whether it is Martin Freeman, on a slightly perverse variation of his usual style of neurotic and perpetually suspicious and worried man, or Ewan McGregor, astonishing in the interpretation of twins on two completely different registers.

You may have understood it, Fargo who skillfully portrays his characters. A veritable gallery of idle people, shaken by life and its chances, left on the margins of society, enduring events to the point of becoming real turkeys in a farce that would be hilarious if it did not cost them dearly each time. It is an acid statement on the company, in the form of a true work of goldsmith. Go for it and do not hesitate to start this excellent series.

  • Watch this video preview of the show :

A sympathetic comedy: On My Block


Far from the glitz of Hollywood and the upscale neighborhoods of Los Angeles, four teenagers, lifelong friends, grew up in a “difficult” suburb of the City of Angels. When one of them decides to join a gang, the other three agree to dissuade him at all costs. Unfortunately, the task is more difficult than expected, especially since the head of the criminal organization is none other than their comrade’s big brother.

Why watch On my Block?

You have loved Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why and other series for teenagers of the same caliber? So much the better, but On My Block has little to do with these. Of course, it is also a program designed for a young audience, but its register is very different.

While humor serves as a necessary backdrop for the entire series, drama and reality are never far away. Olivia, Cesar, Ruby, Monse Jamal are not among the “privileged” and must fight to get by. On My Block is an initiatory story, the story of four friends who sail by sight in adolescence.

The show is anchored in reality and this is also part of its charm. He stands out from the crowd and manages to tackle difficult subjects without ever deviating from his comedy. On My Block also manages not to fall into the easy cliché. The usual clichés in the suburbs and other “difficult” neighborhoods are avoided and this is a very good thing.

Without being exceptional, the script holds up and does not disappoint. The heroes are endearing and the actors convincing. So many additional reasons to embark on viewing the series. Original and rather unknown, it is one of the sure values ​​to discover on Netflix.

  • Below, take a taste of the show :


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