Lose Weight Without Dieting? 4 Valuable Tips That Really Help

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Tips and tricks for losing weight: What awaits you
Many people who want to lose weight torture themselves through strict and often unhealthy diets: Hunger attacks, deficiency symptoms and loss of performance are just some of the negative side effects of crash diets. But it goes also differently! Today we show you the ultimate tips and tricks for losing weight without dieting, which will help you to lose weight without hunger and without yo-yo effect!

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1- Balanced breakfast

What our grandparents already knew is also proven again and again in various studies: A balanced breakfast helps you lose weight. A London study found that when breakfast is missing, the brain responds more strongly to images of high-calorie food. Another study from 2013 showed that women who ate a large breakfast had a significantly greater drop in the hunger hormone ghrelin than the comparison group with a small breakfast. So if you eat a good breakfast, you reduce your risk of cravings. Discover our healthy breakfast recipes for your rich breakfast.


2- Make appointments for your training!

Sport is an important success factor if you want to lose weight sustainably. According to a study, however, less than half of Germans manage to exercise regularly. The most common reason: no time. This is followed by stress at work, private obligations and other reasons that are actually just a euphemism for “no time”. It’s no wonder that parents in particular score poorly in this statistic and unfortunately don’t make good role models for the next generation. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s helpful to put fixed workout dates in your calendar. This way you always keep an eye on your workout, treat it like a doctor’s appointment and it won’t be forgotten if time is a bit tighter than planned. Not only your weight, but also your health and therefore your working capacity have been proven to benefit from regular exercise.

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3- More fiber!

An American Heart Association study instructed a group of subjects to adhere to a strict diet plan for 3 months. The comparison group did not have to follow a diet; they had only one requirement for the period: 30 grams of fiber per day. At the end of the study, both experimental groups had lost weight and improved their heart health. This shows that a simple increase in fiber intake can contribute significantly to weight loss. The reason for this is that dietary fiber can absorb a lot of liquid and thus swell up in the digestive tract. Our sense of hunger responds, among other things, to the volume of food we eat or the distension of the intestinal wall, so fiber intake makes a crucial difference when it comes to regulating the amount of food we eat. You can incorporate more fiber into your diet plan by including whole grains instead of white flour products, for example.


4- Avoid drinks with sugar or sweeteners

When it comes to fluid intake, weight loss enthusiasts should primarily avoid drinks that are sweetened with sugar or sweeteners. Juices and soft drinks, such as sodas and colas, can be considered liquid sweets due to their high sugar content. The light variants of said soft drinks are only a good alternative to a limited extent, as sugar is replaced here by substitutes with other negative side effects. Studies show that the consumption of light drinks also often leads to weight gain. There are many possible explanations: Light drinkers may underestimate the calorie savings and thus eat more than they need – the diet drink thus becomes a calorie trap. Or the sweet taste alone leads to a change in the sense of taste and thus to an unnoticed selection of higher-calorie foods – a theory for which there is already some evidence. It is also possible that artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on our intestinal flora, which is responsible for digestion and has a major influence on our signaling system regarding hunger and appetite. Regardless of which of these theories is true in the end, it is clear that juices, soft drinks and light drinks are no alternative to water, tea and coffee when it comes to losing weight.


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