HP +: new service uses cloud to secure and stabilize printers


HP +: new service uses cloud to secure and stabilize printers

Between the certificates to be printed and the health crisis which has transformed many living spaces into offices, having a printer that works without worry is essential. And like telecommuting is now back in practice, a new service offered by HP is trying to consolidate printing solutions.

The manufacturer has just announced the arrival of its HP + service. Not to be confused with the Instant Ink cartridge automatic reception service, the free HP + solution offers to make printers smarter by connecting them to the HP cloud. The service will monitor the operation to detect possible operating problems but also those related to security by detecting and preventing malware attacks.

HP + also makes it possible to launch prints remotely or, conversely, a system allowing to program the printing but which releases the document only when one is near the device. Added to this is an additional year of warranty and 6 months free of the automatic ink delivery subscription service.

For this service, however, certain conditions must be met, such as the use of HP cartridges exclusively and the use of an HP account. Alone some models will be eligible for the service, they will be recognized by the letter “e” placed at the end of the serial number: HP OfficeJet Pro 8000e and 9000e, HP DeskJet 2700e and 4100e, and HP ENVY 6000e and 6400e. Other models will be offered soon.


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