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Amazon Prime Video: Should we watch the Invincible series? For us, it’s a big yes


Amazon Prime Video: Should we watch the Invincible series?  For us, it's a big yes

We updated this article on 4/30/2021 as the broadcast of the first season of Invincible has just ended. The first episodes of the Amazon Prime Video show had made a strong impression on us and the wind did not fall afterwards.

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The animated series is worth the detour, that’s for sure. Better, it is revealed over the episodes, the intensity and the interest of its intrigue rise crescendo. In short, we still think so highly of Invincible. If you like superheroic series, this is a must-see program.

Moreover, good news, the series has been renewed for two more seasons. The adventures of Mark Grayson have only just begun.

Invincible sure Amazon Prime Video, you know ? This name is perhaps no stranger to lovers of comics super heroics. Others will no doubt find out by watching the service series. streaming.

Robert Kirkman’s comics may not have quite the same aura as the Marvel, DC Comics, or even the Saga publications. The Boys, but they are not unknown to the battalion for all that.

From then on, we were obviously curious to discover the serial adaptation ordered by Amazon’s SVoD platform. The first three episodes are already online and they do not disappoint, on the contrary.

Engaging and well conducted, the series is promising and we are already looking forward to the rest of the first season.

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Why watch Invincible on Prime Video tonight?

The synopsis of the series

The weight of the family inheritance is not easy to bear. Mark Grayson knows all about it. His father is none other than Omni-man, the most powerful superhero on the planet.

Straight from distant Viltrum, he claims to be the protector of humanity, an overpowered being supposed to prevent misfortune from falling on Earth.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The day his powers finally appear, Mark decides to do everything to follow in his father’s footsteps. But being a hero isn’t everyday easy, and his abilities are harder to grasp than it looks.

To make matters worse, Omni-man hides a heavy secret. Her son doesn’t know it yet, but learning the truth could turn her life upside down.

Our opinion on Invincible

For now, only the beginnings ofInvincible are online, but the first three episodes of the series show great promises for the future.

The show doesn’t really look like much. Initially, it looks like a classic superheroic animated program, like Marvel and DC Comics can produce in spades.

Certainly, Invincible is an initiatory tale, a story that tells about Mark Grayson’s quest for identity and his learning about the life of a superhero. But it also takes a real step aside vis-à-vis the canons of the genre.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

It takes a little while to see it, although there is already no doubt after the eventful finale of the first episode. If there are good feelings in Invincible, there is also a lot of violence and “raw” scenes.

Violent and gory at will, the series is intended for an informed public who is not afraid of seeing waves of hemoglobin. The animation makes it less “shocking”, but still. The bloody scenes ofInvincible will not appeal to everyone.

For our part, we appreciated this bias which helps the series to stand out and gives it its identity. The comparison with The Boys is easy. However, don’t overdo it: the two programs have some similarities, that’s all.

They share an irreverent side and a desire to desecrate the superheroic figure. Gone are the completely immaculate “white knights”. Here, some characters play a double game and use their powers to do evil.

Otherwise, the plot development is interesting and bodes well for the remaining five episodes. The animation, although classic, is successful and respects the original material.

You will undoubtedly have understood it, Invincible has managed to convince us so far. If it stays the course for the entirety of its first season, it will undoubtedly be a series to see in the Prime Video catalog.

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