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What was good: March 2021 • disastrous


Our happy makers and wonderful moments from the past month – and this time with a few link tips.

March 2021 – What was good

Spring awakening

It’s so good that the sun shines a little more often and that we can discover more and more flowers and buds. Just so beautiful every year when spring comes!

beautiful sewing projects

I really enjoyed my time at the sewing machine again! For Oskar a cute bunny boy was created for Easter {Freebie von Sew it curvy} and for myself I finally finished my wrap dress. By the way, you can see both worn in the pictures. The cut is Festive whispers * by sewing child and the fabric of Stoff + Stil.

Sunday breakfast

Sunday breakfast: pancakes

We have decided to prepare and enjoy a special breakfast every week from now on. It all started with pancakes, and since then we’ve also had omelets, our favorite rolls from the bakery and scrambled eggs … everything was delicious! But what I find most beautiful about it is the ritual: Sitting comfortably at the table together, with a bit of relaxed music and a lot of time – almost like visiting a café.

A new favorite online game

Gartic Phone is so funny! Once again an online drawing game that is most fun when many people play along. It reminds me of Quiet Post Extreme *, one of my very favorite games in the offline world!

& whatever else was good

Oskar’s daycare restart – it did us all very well! Here I wrote a little more about it.

♥ This means we have a few again seen other people and were outside more often and longer.

♥ In addition, we have had a visit from our loved ones for ages friends and enjoyed walking with them so much and talking to us live again.

♥ We are trying again to order or pick up food more regularly and we are very happy about it culinary variety.

♥ On the really warm days recently, Oskar had a lot of fun with one spray bottle with water.

Our new discoveries of the month

These gorgeous colorful garments for Oskar We bought it in February, but now they have finally been inaugurated. I love this rainbow cardigan so much and Oskar looks so cute in it! ♥ {both discovered online at dm}

Of Sven There’s an app tip: He likes to use Fenix ​​for Twitter because he doesn’t always have to be annoyed about all the advertising. In addition, thanks to timeline sync, he can switch between mobile phone and tablet every now and then and still doesn’t miss anything.

I have a little one again Näh-Upgrade granted and for the first time with the Twin needle * sewn. These will be really nice hems! I still have to practice a bit, but I’m already excited!

Favorite links & even more beautiful things on the web

{all unsolicited & unpaid advertising}

♥ I like Kristina von’s DIY projects Bonny and dress all so happy! It was only just louder helpful tips for working with synthetic resin – and now she also sells cool DIY kits for Terrazzo coasters!

♥ Fees Sardines for the play kitchen are such a great idea too! Anyway, she has so great there Play kitchen addons tinkered. {@feemail}

♥ At just sew starts again in May Curvy-Premiumbereich with patterns up to at least size 58. I’m excited and think I’ll book a membership right away 🙂

♥ From Cut duet there will be some soon Cuts up to size 52which I am very happy about!

♥ … and also from Tilly & the Buttons there will probably be a first one soon Pattern up to size 60. Exciting!

♥ Since we are currently sewing, I’ll quickly link you to the Instructions for the bunny boob – so sweet! And rabbit ears like this don’t only go on Easter 🙂 {Sew it curvy}

♥ I also have a little crush on this wonderful maxi dress *… just missing the right occasion!

♥ You can always use: A little love! Here as Sticky note pad from navucko.

♥ Another great DIY box: Dried flowers hoop of Flamingocat.

KathaHave you just planned a DIY or sewing project?
And what was good in your March?


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