What was good: April 2021 • disastrous


Time for the April monthly review: The highlights of the month, our new discoveries in series and children’s books and a few more little happy moments

April 2021 – which was good:

more sleep

Before I didn’t even think it was possible and now it’s unfortunately over again, but: Oskar has a few Slept through the night! That was really so good! During the first night Sven and I woke up again and again and stared at the baby monitor, but in the nights that followed we were able to sleep as many hours at a time as never before, since Oskar is with us … oh, that was nice and has really relax!
At the moment he is waking up more often, but overall we still get more and more peaceful sleep. Maybe sleeping through the night will come back soon, we would celebrate it very much. Otherwise happily continue: Is just a phase, is just a phase. 😀

Variety on the plates

In April we tried a few new recipes and restaurants with a pick-up option so that we could try a few new dishes again. It gives us pleasure to eat a little different from time to time. For example, it was really good:
recipe Oriental spicy tomato and zucchini vegetables with baked halloumi von Name Names
Food from the new restaurant Soul Tikka
our current favorite cookbook Veggie for Family* (this is the carrot and chickpea curry in the picture)

New discoveries in series

Right now it is rather difficult for us to find a new series that really inspires us … sometimes we have a lot on the list, but sometimes the search takes forever. Have you just watched something that really blew you away?
We definitely enjoyed these two series:

Never Have I Ever

After a traumatic year, Devi finally wants to get rid of her status as an outsider – but her family, her friends and everyday high school life don’t make this easy for her.
We found the series super funny, always surprisingly emotional and all the characters so lovable. Hopefully it will continue soon!

Ted Lasso

I hadn’t thought before that I would enjoy a series about football that much … but the sport isn’t that much of a focus either. Ted has only coached college football teams before and is suddenly the coach of a UK professional football team. How he steals himself into the hearts of the players and skeptical fans with his very own charm is really funny and worth seeing. We’re really big fans of Nate – and we’re really looking forward to the upcoming seasons!
Apple TV+

Our new discoveries of the month

Oskar loves his books so much right now and we look at some of them very often every day. A couple of favorites:

  • My first color book * – in it he likes to show me the cars and always recognizes something new. The unbreakable Baby Pixi books are really the only ones that haven’t been tattered yet …
  • Together!* – He likes to look at that too and keeps discovering something different on the cute illustrations.
  • Baby Let’s Eat!* – also indestructible, also such great pictures … especially of fruit and vegetables.
  • Just scratch your ears for a moment? * – actually a bedtime book, but popular here at any time of the day. Hasenkind has to be put to bed and for this the pajamas have to be put on, the pillow fluffed up or the light switched off. So there is a task on each side and Oskar is very enthusiastic about some of them.
  • The owl with the bump * it’s already a classic … and Oskar loves it! Here, too, he always participates, blows and “shh-sh” to comfort the little owl – and at the end I always get a kiss and a hug.

Here I have linked a few more children’s books. *

& whatever else was good

♥ Sunshine and lots blossoms.

♥ One Online baby shower – that was such a nice afternoon and so we could at least celebrate the parents-to-be a bit.

♥ A lot “Auto! Auto!” from Oskar ♥

♥ happy Vaccination news. More and more of our loved ones and acquaintances have received their corona vaccination and I also read it quite often this month on social media – every time such a relief and a joy! It is progressing!

♥ some cool online meetings again – for example we have one Exit Game Played via Zoom, that was a lot of fun!

♥ A couple Flowers on the table. So beautiful!

KathaNow I’m looking forward to your series recommendations!
And what was good in your February?


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