Summer holidays and coronavirus: in which countries can you travel and under what conditions?


Summer holidays and coronavirus: in which countries can you travel and under what conditions?

Update May 3, 2021 with the current context, an update on accessible destinations, access conditions and the best mobile plans for abroad.


Emmanuel Macron launched the first step of his deconfinement plan on Monday, May 3, which consists of lifting travel restrictions. The French are exempt from a daytime travel certificate and can once again move freely between different regions. If you plan to stretch your legs outside the French borders, be aware that it is still very complicated to travel, especially outside of Europe. And within this space, all countries do not apply the same policy: PCR test (s) or negative antigen (s), isolation, strict border closure in the absence of a compelling reason, reception without conditions … Let’s clarify the situation.

Much of Europe accessible

France still has a high incidence rate and therefore remains qualified as a “risk zone” by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Portugal, Finland, Denmark and Hungary refuse to welcome French travelers unless there is a compelling reason with mandatory presentation of a negative test. Any trip to overseas territories must also be justified in this way. Other states may receive you without a compelling reason but will ask you to test negative within 48 or 72 hours with or without a period of isolation depending on the country. Albania and North Macedonia, on the other hand, are accessible unconditionally.

Note that wearing the mask is mandatory in airplanes for flights from or within the national territory. And since trips can last several hours, it’s best to have a few with you.

You are lost ? We understand you. Fortunately, there are tools to help you find your way around like this map of All of Europe carried out using data from Re-open EU and of France Diplomacy (it is dated 04/29/2021).

The IATA interactive map (link just below) allows you to have a more global view of the situation since it also takes stock of countries outside the EU. The European Union has also put online a detailed interactive map with a lot of information about the measures applied in each country.

Your trip is canceled, is a refund possible?

The new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continues to circulate and can ruin your vacation plans if:

  • you have Covid-19
  • the French government decrees a new phase of containment
  • the territory in which you wish to go is reconfigured

The implementation of travel restriction measures by the French government resulted in numerous cancellations of trips. In such a context, it is difficult for establishments to reimburse all their customers without going through the bankruptcy box. Ordinance No. 2020-315 of March 25, 2020 gives them the possibility of offering a credit or a postponement of the stay instead of a refund. The official website of the French administration states that this derogation applies only to contracts relating to:

  • package tours (transport and accommodation for more than 24 hours or including an overnight stay) sold by a tour operator or a travel agency
  • travel services sold by professionals who produce them themselves (accommodation, car rental, visit to a leisure park, spa treatment, etc.)
  • school trips sold by associations.

It also tells us that contracts concluded with a service provider located in a country other than France and that transport contracts (plane, train, bus and boat) are not concerned.

The validity period of this credit note is 18 months from its notification. If you have not accepted any new offer from the establishment during these 18 months, it will have to reimburse you for the full amount paid for the previous service.

The best packages to communicate comfortably

To keep in touch with your loved ones during your vacation abroad, it is better to arm yourself with a mobile plan capable of meeting your needs without breaking the bank. The Parliament and the Council voted to abolish roaming charges within the European Economic Area (EEA) as of June 15, 2017. Clearly, it is possible to call or send SMS from the one of the EEA countries to France for free but the reverse is chargeable. Note that you may also be charged for communicating from Switzerland and Andorra to France. Sometimes very significant fees also apply outside Europe. The bill can therefore quickly become salty if your package is not suitable.

  • B & You 100 Go at 13.99 euros, the best package to communicate in France and from Europe / DOM as well as for entertainment

Valid until May 5, B & You’s no-obligation subscription will delight big data consumers as well as travelers since it includes a 100 GB envelope, 15 GB of which can be used in Europe / DOM and 4G. The calls are unlimited fixed / mobile in France, in the overseas departments (except Mayotte) and in Europe. SMS / MMS are also unlimited in France and from Europe / DOM. Once again this week, the Bouygues Telecom subsidiary is offering you 2 months of Spotify Premium subscription. Finally, it should be noted that this package is sold without a time limit. In other words, the price of 13.99 euros will be applied until the termination of the contract by the subscriber.

The B & You 100 Go offer in detail>

  • La Poste Mobile 30 GB at 9.99 euros, for travelers on a more limited budget

La Poste Mobile’s proposal for less than 10 euros turns out to be very complete with 30 GB for France and 10 for Europe (to be subtracted from the 30 GB envelope). Here again, calls are unlimited fixed / mobile in France, in the overseas departments and in Europe. No limit either for SMS and MMS in France, in the overseas departments and in Europe. Here you will benefit from SFR’s 4G network and it is a fixed-price unlimited plan like that of B & You.

The La Poste Mobile 30 GB offer in detail>

  • Free Mobile 150 Go / Go unlimited at 19.99 euros, the best international plan (and 5G)

For 19.99 euros per month (15.99 euros for Freebox subscribers and 9.99 euros for Freebox Pop subscribers), Free Mobile offers 150 GB of 5G data (if you are not a Freebox subscriber) or data Unlimited 5G (if Freebox subscriber) for mainland France as well as 25 GB of 4G internet to be used from more than 70 destinations. Calls are unlimited to mobiles and landlines in mainland France, USA, Canada, China and DOM as well as to landlines in 100 destinations. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Israel.

The Free Mobile 150 Go / Go unlimited offer in detail>

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The key elements to remember to travel serenely and have a successful vacation

After several months of restrictions, you undoubtedly feel the desire to see the country and to recharge your batteries in the best conditions. To make the most of these summer vacations, we invite you to consult our FAQ which answers the most frequent questions of travelers.

Where can we go this summer?

If you live in mainland France, you can travel throughout the country without a certificate. The bell sound is different if you want to go to the French overseas departments and territories since you have to justify your trips with a compelling reason and present a negative test. You also have the possibility of going to several European countries but each state applies a different policy (PCR or antigen test (s) negative (s), isolation, strict border closure if no compelling reason, welcome without conditions) .

What means of transport to get to your vacation spot?

All means of transport are accessible. Note that wearing a mask is mandatory in all public transport (train, bus, coach, boats) as well as in carpooling. Also remember to book your ticket in advance because the number of travelers is generally reduced to respect social distancing.

What types of accommodation are available?

No conditions apply if you go to see friends, family, your second home, a bed and breakfast or a rental. On the other hand, you may be subject to health measures in the context of collective accommodation (hotels, holiday villages, campsites, collective inns, spa establishments).

Should you take your mask on vacation?

Wearing the masque is generally mandatory in public places with a few rare exceptions where it is recommended. In addition, do not forget the barrier gestures and slip in your suitcase hydroalcoholic gel or soap.

How to secure your home while you are away?

Burglars can take advantage of your absence to break into your home and steal your most valuable items. We selected 5 high-tech devices that limit the risk of burglary. You will be able to leave your home with peace of mind.


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