On Netflix tonight, is Pacific Rim a must-see movie?


On Netflix tonight, is Pacific Rim a must-see movie?

Tonight you might not know what to watch on Netflix. Walk the film catalog of the service streaming by subscription is not always enough to find happiness.

In that case, how would you like to see or replay a really good action movie on the platform? Pacific Rim is showing and normally it should give you a good time. Not yet convinced? Here is why we recommend watching this great feature film.

The synopsis of Pacific Rim

Humanity is threatened by the kaijus, gigantic extraterrestrials straight out of a fault located in the Pacific Ocean. It is to counter these creatures that the Jaeger were built, huge robots controlled by two pilots simultaneously.

Connected by the spirit, they share the mental load and pool their strength to be more efficient. However, the kaijus are increasingly strong, surpassing the Jaeger, of which only a few copies remain.

To turn the situation around, the humans go for it all by directly tackling the breach. The last chance for men? Two soldiers traumatized by their latest clashes with kaijus. Suffice to say that it promises to be complicated.

Our opinion on the film

Guillermo Del Toro is a director with an inimitable style. Even when, as with Pacific Rim, he commits to a blockbuster at $ 190 million, he still manages to infuse a coloring, a luminosity into his universe which, like a Tim Burton, makes him very identifiable.

This is what distinguishes Pacific Rim, moreover, of many big Hollywood productions, starting with the Marvel feature films where, with a few exceptions (Doctor Strange in particular), the achievements are more or less alike.

From the first minutes, filled with clashes between the Jaeger and the kaijus, the dive into the particular universe of Pacific Rim is successful. Its gigantism is reminiscent of the Japanese classics of the genre, Godzilla on your mind.

But to that, Guillermo Del Toro added a brilliant idea: that of the neural bridge between the pilots, this double-edged “drift” (as it is called), since it allows to share the anguish, but also leaves indelible mental traces.

It is a real gateway to the psychology of the characters and a certain resonance with the psychological damage of the war, which is reminiscent of the conflict in Vietnam and the films that followed it, The Deer Hunter on your mind.

Pacific Rim is a beautiful visual experience as much as a fascinating exploration of the human psyche through the threat of its extinction. It’s a real good movie, spectacular and well put together, that we recommend to you without hesitation.

  • Here is the trailer for the feature film:


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