Apple: iPhone, iPad and Mac sales soar


Apple: iPhone, iPad and Mac sales soar

Apple could not have hoped for a better way to start the year 2021. The Californian giant has just presented the
figures of its first quarter ended on March 27 which shows a spectacular increase of 54% of the turnover to 89.5 billion dollars. TheiPhone is still and always the central engine of this growth, with 47.9 billion of revenue, which represents an annual increase of 66%. But the most remarkable phenomenon is on the sales side of
Mac and D’iPad which experienced unprecedented increases with respectively 9.1 and 7.8 billion dollars in revenue. This equates to an increase of 70% for Macs and 78% for the iPad. Over the period, Apple saw its net income more than double to $ 23.6 billion.

The shortage of microchips also affects Apple

It goes without saying that the effects of the pandemic on teleworking and containment measures played a major role in this exceptional performance. “ Demand is very high at the moment Apple CEO Tim Cook said of the company’s results. He attributed this spike in part to the new technology built into the Mac. He also said that working and learning from home have played a role, believing that this trend could continue as many people will likely revert to a hybrid work setup when the pandemic is over.

What has set Apple apart over the past year is the relative strength of its product offering, despite a global shortage of microchips that has severely disrupted the purchase of laptops. graphics cards, video game consoles and even cars. Apple, however, admitted that it was struggling to meet demand for theiPad and the
Mac and said he did not know how long the chip shortage would prevent supply from meeting demand.

Article from adapted by CNETFrance

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