12 of 12 in April


Hello to the new week and next round 12 of 12!
Today is a normal Monday – a lot of everyday life with a toddler. And a little bit of spring.

What’s going on with us at the moment?

  • Monday April 12, 2021
  • Oskar is 18 (almost 19) months old.
  • Sven continues to work in the home office.
  • We decided to look after Oskar at home again. So I’m trying again to somehow get a few more hours of work …

Our 12 from 12 to April 2021

After waking up (around 8), Oskar wanted to sit in his favorite place in the window and play with his signature.

For breakfast there was fruit and a pancake that was left over from Sunday breakfast.

It was the parcel man who brought Oskar’s new buggy with him. We took a look at the individual parts (and we haven’t finished the assembly yet …)

My outfit of the day – I love the cardigan so much, so nice and soft! (Here in Outfit-Roundup linked)

Oskar and I go out a little. In the park I enjoy the flowers …

… and Oskar would rather see buses. It’s good that the park is right on a busy street.

More flowers!

… and more buses! And lots of cars (“Thu!”), Sometimes very close. Sometimes I really ask myself where this fascination comes from …
We then make our way home on foot.

For lunch there are even more leftovers from yesterday: A lentil soup that we all found really delicious. We have to see if we can get the recipe back like this, then I’ll be happy to share it!

Placing plates in the dishwasher continues to be extremely popular. Bringing things to the trash (“mill”) is always a highlight – too cute!

Sometime in the late afternoon I asked Oskar if he wanted to go out with papa again. So he brought all of his outdoor gear in … pretty obvious, right?

So I still have a little time to edit a few photos and a video. I’ll continue with that right away … that is, it should be finished today and the afternoon nap was a bit shorter today.

So how was your day?
As always, the 12 of 12 link collection can be found at Outside only jugs.



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